Thursday, 1 January 2015

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Picture Requests Done

Alright. Here's the pictures I promised for thsoe who requested.

1. Anonymous: Alice and lynn walking around bottomless.

2. Anonymous: Sera on a throne with a collared Sonja between her legs?

3. TRK: Alice and Yuuki wearing nothing but chastity belts while visibly frustrated but trying to not look so. If not too much, try to draw it with a nice secondary shield.

4. Anonymous: Sera inside an auditorium at the academy. Naked, held in place by a pole with a dildo on top penetrating her, on her toes so she cant escape, with her ankles bound to the floor keeping her legs spread. Her arms bound crossed behind her back. While "teaching" something and the academy staff/students around her exploring her body.

5. Anonymous: Evil Lynn, naked except for splats of blood (not her own), facing and walking forward. With her ankles cuffed to each other by a medium chain and restrained by a large stock almost as tick as her neck and wide enough to keep her arms at 90 degrees both by the elbows and shoulders. Her face looking menacingly with a wide smile conveying the message that that is just the right handicap to keep things interesting.

Maybe also some dismembered body pieces by the floor would help create the right atmosphere. But maybe that would just clutter the image, do as you deem would look better.

Hope you guys like them even though the picture quality is crap. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Busy, Christmas Presents have to wait

I'm busier than I thought. Just as my work is done for this year, I had to deal with Exams (yup, I work while studying in college at the same time, which is why I'm super busy). I can't draw for few more days. Hopefully I can finish the drawing before Christmas. Sorry about that.

Anyways, enjoy this old artwork I drew some time ago:

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Happy early Christmas!!

In case I won't be online during Christmas I will say this now.

I will accept first 5 picture requests as Christmas presents. I will draw 'em for you of course but not colored because that takes time.

Characters in the pic: Alice and Aina


"So I heard these cleavage cutout sweaters are quite popular these days so I decided to try them out."

Thursday, 11 December 2014

V.0.40 Alice Route Walkthrough

Might as wellpost this walkthrough for those who needs it.

- After talking to Shizuka about goblins, go out of town through the north gate and head northwest and find the cave. When you enter it, go west and at the next map, go to the south path in the left (other paths is false paths, also there's lots of traps around the holes and chests and the goblins makes references to popular internet memes). If you're defeated by the goblins, you'll get a GOR scene and will be moved to the forest entrance after it is over. No actual game over.
- In the next map, go west.
- Next, go north. PS: If you checked the pink flower near the river you'll get ambushed by goblins with Alice getting the Horny status. If you lose, the scene will be the same with any other goblins.
- When you reached the cave entrance, go back and you'll be surrounded by a horde of goblins. No matter how many times you win, you cannot escape as the fight will keep looping until you lose, but feel free to grind as much experience as you like. When you lose, your party will be captured and there will be a h-scene different from other scene you got from losing to goblins.
- After the scene, go to the path with "slave" mark above and go back and go to the other path to the left.
- In the next room, you'll find a pretty easy puzzle to solve but since this is a walkthrough, I'll tell you. Press the buttons in this order: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Then the door will be opened and you can pass to the next room.
- In this room you'll encounter weak monsters to fight but since your equipment is stripped off, be careful. Find 2 switches to open the doors blocking your path and proceed.
- In this room, you have to run as fast as you can from the chasing goblins. Don;t worry, the chase will reset if you get caught.
- When you get out, go back to town and sleep in Shizuka's room. Don't forget to re-equip Alice.

- When you wake up, it's time for the final battle of the tournament. Go back to the Arena and fight Yuuki.
- Yuuki is weaker than Goliath but she can dodge attacks more frequently than Goliath so be careful. All in all, she's easier to beat.

Mayor's Demands:
- After the scene in the Dojo, go to the western path near the Bathhouse and enter the Mayor's Manor. There will be a h-scene involving Yuuki with the Mayor. After the Mayor committed suicide, you can travelthe town more to gather more allies and get more h-scenes. Be warned, once you talk to Dreadfilt, you cannot go back to town so be sure you've done everything before leaving.

Recruiting Mercenaries:
Here's the list of people in town that you can recruit:
- Goblin in the north alley near the gate
- Assassin near the goblin
- Goliath near the statue
- Kale in the inn
- Mercenary guy in the inn
- Lupa in the Wolf Village. Refer to her side quest

Recruiting these guys will make it easier for you in the war.

Lupa the Wolf Girl:
- Talk to the guard walking around near the gate and he'll mention a red wolf. Go back to the Lycan Forest where you found Katt.
- Keep going west. The path that was previously blocked by a yellow werewolf will be accessible.
- After the scene, defeat the werewolves and Lupa will agree to join your cause.

Gladiator Arena:
- After the scene with Mayor, you can find Yuuki with some red headed guy in the alley near the gate. Watch the scene and then go back to the brothel and talk to the guy who is talking to Shizuka and she'll force you to star in his Arena. You'll be moved to the Arena immediately and after the scene, go to the sparkling locker to the left and take off your clothes and then talk to the guy with red bandanna guarding the door to start fighting the monsters. The first round is a Hydra. The Hydra will spit at you and makes you cannot move for few turns. The second is Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are annoying as they are large in number and they will molest you. Use your Giant Slaying Slash to make short work of them. Round three is a Gnoll, a Hyena-like creature. He's pretty strong but other than Warcry that can stun you, he's nothing special. If you lose, you'll get raped by said creature and get money depending on how far you got. After your first battle, talk to Yuuki.
- From now on you can participate in more monster battles by selecting either Alice or Yuuki. Each of them has different scene when they lose to a particular monster.

War Preparation:
- When you're ready, talk to Dreadfilt and you'll be moved to the base camp. You'll find your allies there. When you're ready, talk to Dreadfilt again and watch the scene. In the morning, you'll fight a Fallen Hero. You cannot beat him but the battle will be over in a few turns. After that watch the scene until you're moved to town.

Battle of Asynux:
- When you gain control of your character, go to the wall and defeat the enemies there and when you see the battering ram scene, go back to Hanston and report. After that there will be a series of battles (the number will be reduced if you recruit more allies) and after it is over, go south. You'll be ambushed here but you must defeat the enemy before you can proceed.
- In the next map, you'll be attacked by werewolves. They are troublesome if you let them call their allies so you must defeat them quickly. Go west and talk to Dreadfilt and get another series of battles and then go south. (If you recruit the assassin guy, he'll join your party).
- In the entrance to the barracks, you'll be attacked by new enemies. Defeat them and enter the barracks.
- In the barracks, there are more enemies. You can find a new sword for Alice in the blue chest in the southeastern corner of the map. Proceed northwest and go to the stairs and fight Valentine.
- Valentine will use several Ice spells and some of them can freeze your party so be careful.
- After you won, watch the scene and you'll control both Valentine and Val'thrinn. Activate the switches in the left and right room (by defeating minibosses) to open the door and proceed northward.
- In the Throne room, you'll fight Navlesveir. Be careful as his spells are really powerful. You cannot beat him. Just hold out until 8 turns and the fight will be over. After some dialogues, you'll control Navlesveir and fight 2 Fallen Heroes. Make short work of them with Navlesveir's insane powers. V.0.40 of Alice route ends here.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sorry for the absence

Hey everyone. Sorry for the long absence. I've been really busy with RL work for the past few months so I can't make any progress with Emmerzail let alone give you some news. In case I can't continue the game, I'm considering making it a novel instead (but I might have to tone down or completely erase the sex scenes for that). I'll put a poll for this and let you choose wrether you prefer the game or the novel.

If you love the game as it is, vote for game. Keep in mind it will take a VERY long time for the game to actually have any progress. Possibly years.

If you love the story more than the porn and want to see more, you might consider voting the novel. I could work on the novel faster than I work with the game (though I might will need someone to correct my poor English). The novel version will be shorter and will be different from the game in many ways (for the purpose of toning down the perverted stuff). The novel will have illustrations just like Japanese Light Novels.

Still, even if the novel wins the vote, I'll still put priority on the game and when I finally have the time (which is probably 2 or 3 years later because I'll work for that long) I'll start working on the game.