Monday, 15 August 2016

V.0.60 Will be released soon

Made a huge progress on Alice route recently. I think I will release the next version soon. If not next week, next month. I wanted to update Lynn route too so I'll do that before next release.

Current Progress:
- Added a side quest for Alice route with 6 h-scenes
- Fixed the looping battle with Goblins in Alice route, now only 5 battles
- Continued Alice route main story with 7 h-scenes

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


*Drops a screenshot* Oops. Reference to an old movie.

"Welcome to my house. Enter freely and of your own will." Ring any bell?

Sunday, 7 August 2016


Sorry I haven't done much on the development for so long. I've continued the development recently and I've finished a side quest on Alice route with 6 h-scenes.

Here's some screenshot:



Nude squad! lol

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Trollozail 4koma

Note: NTR= Netorare

Note: Bishonen= Japanese term literally meaning beautiful youth (boy)

Note: This is a reference to the character Xanrud from Despair Labyrinth

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Emmerzail - Valentine's Conquest Chapter 2 (Patron Only)

I finished the 2nd chapter of Valentine's manga last night and I have uploaded it. Unlike the first chapter, the 2nd chapter is not free for download. You have to become a patron on my patreon to get the link to download this.

Only 5 US dollars per month and you can have access to not only this manga, you can also access to many interesting things I share to my patrons each month such as sketches, trivia, short comics, Overlord Doujin, etc.

In case you haven't read the first chapter, you can download it here for free. Think of the first chapter as promotion lol.

Regardless of whether you become my patron or not, the game will always be free for download even if it's 100% finished so don't worry. I'm not forcing you or anything.

Anyways, for my patrons, thank you for donating and enjoy!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Poll Winners!!!

1st: Sera

    "Of course I am the winner! It is to be expected! I am the Queen of this game!! Kneel before me, maggots!"

2nd: Vampire Lynn

    "I almost got that witch! No matter. I'm still better. I wasn't in the poll at first and I was added later but I still score higher than most! Anyway, I'm thirsty. Anyone care to donate some blood?"

3rd: Alice & Lynn

    "I don't care much about popularity but I am still happy that I got so much support. Thank you very much!"

    "Hey! How come you guys like that evil version of me better!? Well... I have to admit... she looks more mature than me."

4th: Valentine

    "Hmph. Those girls are lucky that they are the main characters so they score higher than me. That's the only advantage they have!"

5th: Emmerzail & Nosferatu

    "Even though I am the titular character and most badass villain ever... I bet if I was a woman I'll win this poll!!"

    "Hmph. I care not of popularity among humans. I care only of their annihilation."

6th: Lady Elsia & Alice Cowgirl

    "How come that brat get more score than I am!? I am the superior vampiress!!"


7th: Sonja, Katt & Shizuka

    "I'm so proud of my daughter!... Although I don't quite approve of her route."

    "Nyaaah! Thank you for liking kitty, meow! :3"

    "Why I didn't score higher!? And why Raindrops didn't even draw me even though he drew Sonja!? Aren't my boobs good enough!?"

8th: Val'Thrinn, Jekins, Al'Grimm, Dreadfilt and Alissa

9th: Yuuki, Alicia, Lorelei, Lupa, Alleneth, Dean (Not sure who this is), Arn, Natasha

10th: Lither, Walter, Roselia, Al'Meena, Eisheth Zenunim, Chaos Emperor, Ayame (Why did someone vote for her? She's not even a character of this game lol)

Thank you for your supports everyone!!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Still busy

You might get bored reading the same word on my blog. Sorry but Real Life kicking in. Probably can't have much time for Emmerzail until the end of July (probably). I make no promises about when I can release the next version but I promise you that I will continue.

In the meantime, I'll (slowly) draw a short 4koma of Emmerzail to entertain you guys. Patrons get early access to read it. You all get to enjoy the first page though. :D